Welcome to Triumph Industrial Supply

Welcome to Triumph Industrial Supply, your ONE-STOP shop for all of your supply needs. We’re steadily becoming one of the fastest growing suppliers of petrochemical and construction supplies and resources for companies in the oil, gas, and construction fields in the greater Houston area. Our highly trained and professional staff is expertly trained, and well-versed in all manners of industrial safety needs. Triumph Industrial Supply understands your needs for quality products and efficient and timely deliveries.

With our deep inventory levels and unique perspective and experience within the industry, we are perfectly positioned to respond to all of your supply needs, and accommodate any and all necessary products including power tools, paper products, personal safety needs or chemicals, lubricants and paints, work gloves, raw materials, or anything else you can think of—Triumph Industrial Supply is your one-stop source for industrial supplies.

Through our dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee that you will be impressed with our efficiency, knowledge, and commitment to be the best in the industry. Due to our 24/7, around-the-clock commitment policy, our ability to deliver quality products at reasonable prices will only become more attractive and impressive as you experience our unconditional willingness to service your industry needs.